Chester Floyd Carlson - Inventor of Xerography

Inventor of Xerography

Chester F. Carlson, 1906-1968

Biographical information

"Chester F. Carlson, Inventor of Xerography - A biography," A. Dinsdale, Photographic Science and Engineering, vol. 7, 1963, p. 1-4. (Reprinted with permission of The Society for Imaging Science and Technology sole copyright owners of The Journal of Photographic Science and Engineering.)



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The Chester F. Carlson Award for Innovation in Engineering Education


Patents by Chester F. Carlson

U.S. Patent 2,221,776 (11.19.40), Electron photography
U.S. Patent 2,277,013 (3.17.42), Electric recording and transmission of pictures
U.S. Patent 2,297,691 (10.06.42), Electrophotography
U.S. Patent 2,357,809 (9.12.44), Electra-photographic apparatus
U.S. Patent 2,374,979 (5.1.45), Welding electrode holder
U.S. Patent 2,391,457 (12.25.45), Spark plug electrode construction
U.S. Patent 2,540,863 (2.6.51), Slide wire permeability tuner
U.S. Patent 2,551,582 (5.08.51), Method of printing and developing solvent images
U.S. Patent 2,583,546 (1.29.52), Electrophotographic recording
U.S. Patent 2,588,699 (3.11.52), Electrophotographic apparatus
U.S. Patent 2,599,542 (6.10.52), Electrophotographic plate
U.S. Patent 2,624,652 (1.06.53), Graphic recording
U.S. Patent 2,681,473 (6.22.54), Manufacture of plaques and the like
U.S. Patent 2,690,394 (9.28.54), Improvements in electrophotography
U.S. Patent 2,701,764 (2.8.55), Electrophotographic apparatus and methods
U.S. Patent 2,761,416 (9.04.56), Development mechanism for electrostatic images
U.S. Patent 2,815,734 (12.10.57), Method of developing xerographic images and apparatus
U.S. Patent 2,830,114 (4.08.58), Transmission of electrostatic recordings
U.S. Patent 2,842,456 (7.8.58), Improved powder cloud xerographic image
U.S. Patent 2,862,472 (12.02.58), Electrostatic image development apparatus
U.S. Patent 2,876,737 (3.10.59), Electrostatic image development
U.S. Patent 2,918,900 (12.29.59), Apparatus for xerographic development
U.S. Patent 2,922,230 (1.26.60), Xerographic powder fixing apparatus
U.S. Patent 2,928,575 (3.15.60), Electrostatic image development
U.S. Patent 2,940,934 (6.14.60), Electrostatic developer composition and method therefor
U.S. Patent 2,955,052 (10.4.60), Xerographic relief image production and use
U.S. Patent 2,982,647 (5.2.61), Electrostatic image reproduction
U.S. Patent 2,990,278 (6.27.61), Method and apparatus for transferring and fixing xerographic images
U.S. Patent 3,015,304 (1.2.62), Electrostatic image reproduction
U.S. Patent 3,078,589 (2.26.63), Xerographic fusing apparatus
U.S. Patent 3,083,684 (4.2.63), Porous ditto master tackifier
U.S. Patent 3,120,790 (2.11.64), Xerographic exposure apparatus
U.S. Patent 3,140,159 (7.7.64), Xerographic fusing apparatus
U.S. Patent 3,140,160 (7.7.64), Xerographic fusing apparatus
U.S. Patent 3,146,385 (8.25.64), Xerographic plate charging method and apparatus
U.S. Patent 3,147,147 (9.1.64), Xerographic development electrode
U.S. Patent 3,182,591 (5.11.65), Image forming apparatus and method
U.S. Patent 3,199,223 (8.10.65), Xerographic fusing apparatus
U.S. Patent 3,257,222 (6.21.66), Recording
U.S. Patent 3,374,769 (3.26.68), Toner fusing apparatus
U.S. Patent 3,506,347 (4.14.70), Duplex xerographic reproduction apparatus

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