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The Andrew Eiseman Writers Award

The Andrew Eiseman Writers Award was created as a way in which to celebrate writers who have published during the prior calendar year. Through the Award, the River Campus Libraries will increase their engagement with the literary community while strengthening its mission to support intellectual endeavor. By choosing to honor local writers, Mr. Eiseman believes that friends, family, and other members of the community will view the University libraries as a community resource. The Libraries are, indeed, the intellectual heart of the campus, but the Eiseman Writers Award helps situate the Libraries as a literary "hotspot" in the Greater Rochester area.

The Eiseman awards will be announced June, 2012, and presented at an awards ceremony.

The Andrew Eiseman Writers Award serves to enhance the River Campus Libraries and the University's relationship with the community; validates the Libraries' intellectual interests; and pays tribute to the written word in both the Rochester and the University communities.

Mr. Eiseman is a 1979 graduate of the University of Rochester.

Guidelines for the Eiseman Writers Award

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