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Zoo biology, 1982-1995. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This diverse journal is concerned with reproduction, demographics, genetics, behavior, medicine, husbandry, nutrition, conservation and all empirical aspects of the exhibition and maintenance of wild animals in wildlife parks, zoos, and aquariums. It offers a forum for effectively communicating scientific findings, original ideas, and critical thinking related to the role of wildlife collections and their unique contribution to conservation. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

Chinese Art: Modern Expressions by Maxwell K. Hearn. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2001. 1 Volume.

This collection of essays offers a variety of perspectives on western civilization’s impact on Chinese “literature, architecture, painting, and calligraphy” from 1860-1980 It was published following the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2001 symposium and exhibition entitled Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Chinese Paintings from the Robert H. Ellsworth Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Contributors include Julia F. Andrews, Qianshen Bai, Jonathan Hay, Maxwell Hearn, Lothar Ledderose, Richard Vinograd, Wan Qingli, David Der-wei Wang, and Eugene Y. Wang. It begins with an overview by Maxwell Hearn Topics include, for example, painting and the built environment in late 19th century Shanghai and the aesthetic appreciation of ancient calligraphy in modern China. The volume is illustrated throughout by b&w photographs of Chinese artwork.


China's encounter with the West is a major theme. The essays demonstrate the influence of Western artists and Western ideas; they also address the challenge of "defining modernity" in the paintings, seeking the "demarcation line between the modern and the past." The book as a whole focuses on the challenge Chinese artists encountered in the creation of a new identity, and how their paintings reflect this challenge. The addition of this volume to our collection would make an excellent companiion to the catalog of the exhibition: Between Two Cultures: Late Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Chinese Paintings from the Robert H. Ellsworth Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Wen C. Fong, which is already held in the University's Art/Music Library.

Given by Susan Silverstein Class of 1978 In memory of Herbert L. Sadinsky Class of 1950.

The Narrative of the Beagle Voyage, 1831-1836. Edited by Katharine Anderson. Pickering & Chatto, 2012. 4 volumes.

HMS Beagle has entered the collective imagination as the ship that carried Charles Darwin to the Galapagos, triggering his later work on the theory of natural selection. Darwin and the Beagle’s captain, Robert FitzRoy, each wrote separate accounts of the voyage of 1831-1836, published together in 1839 under the title Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty’s Ships Adventure and Beagle…1829-1836 Darwin’s version has never been out of print. In contrast, this set presents the first critical edition of the remaining texts from 1839: FitzRoy’s account of the second voyage, his detailed appendices and the account of the 1826-30 voyage by Phillip Parker King, captain of HMS Adventure. This edition complements existing strengths in Darwin holdings in the library’s Rare Books/Special Collections. It promises to generate new scholarly approaches to the Beagle voyage and to be important for those interested in Darwin, Maritime Studies, History of Science and Empire.

Gift of Dr. Karl S. Roth '62 in honor of his mother Helen Roth

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Queer Culture. David A. Gerstner. Taylor & Francis, 2011. ebook.

This encyclopedia examines queer culture and identity since WWII. It covers gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender topics, and anything affected by or affecting these cultures. All articles are signed. Includes suggestions for further reading. Appendices include: an annotated list of GLBTQ archives, a compilation of related international laws, and a selection of international and community-based organizations. 

Institutional Entrepreneurship. Magnus Henrickson, editor. Edward Elgar, 2012. ebook.

As technology changes the world at an ever-faster rate, the idea of entrepreneurship within established institutions is becoming increasingly important.  This collection of writings on institutional entrepreneurship provides preparatory background on the topic and concentrates on the classifications of productive and unproductive entrepreneurship. The included texts are either brief summaries or representative samplings of larger works. The book will interest students, researchers, and practitioners in management, entrepreneurship, and economics. 

Mammal review, 1970-1996. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This is the official scientific periodical of the Mammal Society, and covers all aspects of mammalian biology and ecology. Hypothesis-driven analytical and systematic reviews of current theoretical and applied research on mammals, meta-analyses, practical assessments of techniques for studying mammals and large-scale considerations of the status, conservation and management of mammals are published. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

Handbook of Communication History. Peter Simonson, editor. Routledge, 2013. ebook.

Addresses the central ideas, social practices, and media of communication as they have developed throughout history, culture and geography. It covers the history of the field and provides a catalyst to further work in the field.  

Travelling in Different Skins: Gender Identity in European Women’s Oriental Travelogues, 1850-1950. By Dunlaith Bird. Oxford University Press, 2012. ebook.

The author presents vagabondage as a key concept in European women's travel writing. It explores the negotiations of European women travel writers from 1850-1950 within the traditionally male-oriented discourses of colonialism and Orientalism. Moving from historical overview to close textual reading, it traces a complex web of tacit collusion and gleeful defiance. 

Handbook of Sustainability Management. Christian N. Madu, editor. World Scientific, 2012. ebook.

Sustainability is about the effective management of nonrenewable and non-replenishable natural resources. Sustainability requires changes in traditional practices of doing things and refocusing ourselves to the needs of the earth. This handbook explores the role of sustainability in achieving social development, environmental protection, and economic development, and would be of considerable interest to the students engaged in the minor in sustainability, their professors, and other campus groups involved in sustainability and "green" efforts. 

FEMS microbiology reviews, 1993-1996. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This journal publishes reviews and articles that fall within the framework of general microbiology and biology. Reviews provide comprehensive, critical and authoritative coverage of topics of interest. Articles provide critical, detailed discussions of significant trends and address both specialists and the general reader. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

Classical Myth and Psychoanalysis: Ancient and Modern Stories of the self. Edited by Vanda Zajko Oxford University Press, 2013. EBOOK.

Since Freud published the Interpretation of Dreams in 1900 and utilized Sophocles' Oedipus Rex to work through his developing ideas about the psycho-sexual development of children, it has been virtually impossible to think about psychoanalysis without reference to classical myth. Myth has the capacity to transcend the context of any particular retelling, continuing to transform our understanding of the present. Throughout the twentieth century, experts on the ancient world have turned to the insights of psychoanalytic criticism to supplement and inform their readings of classical myth and literature.

This book examines the inter-relationship of classical myth and psychoanalysis from the generation before Freud to the present day, engaging with debates about the role of classical myth in modernity, the importance of psychoanalytic ideas for cultural critique, and its ongoing relevance to ways of conceiving the self. The chapters trace the historical roots of terms in everyday usage, such as narcissism and the phallic symbol, in the reception of Classical Greece, and cover a variety of both classical and psychoanalytic texts.

Handbook of Research on Business Social Networking. Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha, editor. Business Science Reference, IGI Global, 2011. ebook.

Businesses are embracing social media wholeheartedly and it is important for faculty teaching in this area and students, who will soon be employees of companies using these techniques, to understand the theories and practices behind them. This collection of articles considers the technological, social, educational, and business and managerial aspects of the application of social networking to businesses and organizations, as well as case studies of its impact and adoption.

Physiological entomology, 1976-1996. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This journal is designed primarily to serve the interests of experimentalists who work on insects and other arthropods. It thus has a bias towards physiological and experimental approaches to understanding behavior, but it also retains the Royal Entomological Society's interest in the general physiology of arthropods. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

From the Cradle to the Grave: Selected Drawings – Damien Hirst. Criteria, 2004. 352 pp. with 258 ills. (257 col.) and 150 reference ills. (72 color). 1 volume.

This is a rare signed edition of a catalog of an exhibition at the Mednarodni graficni likovni center, Grad Tivoli, Ljubljana, 2003. Damien Steven Hirst is an English artist, entrepreneur and art collector. He is the most prominent member of the group known as the Young British Artists, who dominated the art scene in Britain during the 1990s.

Central and East European Population Since 1850. By Franz Rothenbacher. Palgrave MacMillan, 2013. 1 volume.

A comparative and historical data handbook, presenting series data on demographic developments, population and household structures for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. All major fields of demographic change are covered: fertility, mortality, marriage and divorce. Figures are given for each population census by sex, civil status and age. Major demographic developments are described, providing commentary on the main population structures and trends in Europe since the 19th century.

Multicultural America: A Multimedia Encyclopedia. Edited by Carlos Cortes. Sage, 2013. EBOOK.

This online encyclopedia includes the present and future multicultural environment in US society. It contains information about ethnic groups and their histories and contemporary issues in America today, along with 2010 census data information. Written entries are augmented with multimedia including 100 videos with transcripts from Getty Images, Video Vault, Agence France Press, and Sky News, selected by the Media Librarian at Rutgers University Libraries. This reference work will be beneficial for any student researching specific populations within the United States and could serve as a helpful resource for students in other departments or programs such as History and Political Science. To be published September, 2013.

Cambridge World Prehistory. Edited by Colin Renfrew, and Paul G. Bahn. Cambridge University Press. 2012. 3 Volumes.

This text will provide a systematic and authoritative examination of the prehistory of every region around the world from the early days of human origins in Africa two million years ago to the beginnings of written history, which in some areas started only two centuries ago. Written by a team of leading international scholars, the volumes include both traditional topics and cutting-edge approaches, such as archaeolinguistics and molecular genetics, and examine the essential questions of human development around the world. The volumes are organized geographically, exploring the evolution of hominins and their expansion from Africa, as well as the formation of states and development in each region of different technologies such as seafaring, metallurgy, and food production. The Cambridge World Prehistory reveals a rich and complex history of the world. It will be an invaluable resource for any student or scholar of archaeology and related disciplines looking to research a particular topic, tradition, region, or period within prehistory. To be published in December 2013.

Innovation Masters: History's Best Examples of Business Transformation. Gale. 2012. EBOOK.

The three to five page essays in this book look at specific products, services, and technologies which reinvented or revolutionized their industries or businesses. It includes instructive examples of innovation based on impact on society and successful evolution from idea to marketable product. Most examples are drawn from the twentieth and twenty first centuries, with a strong emphasis on technical innovations. Examples include Post-It Notes, Facebook, IMAC, Swanson TV Dinners, Velcro, and Wikipedia. The text supplements the basic history of each inoovation with a deeper look at the influence each has had on other products and, in many cases, on entire industries. For example, Google's enormous impact on the market has been well documented, but the technical basis for its commercial success (PageRank, AdWords, and AdSense) has shifted the paradigm for e-commerce and related industries.

Theatre in Dublin 1745-1820: A Calendar of Performances. By John C. Greene. Bethlehem, PA, Lehigh University Press, 2012. 6 volumes.

This scholarly compendium details over 18,000 performances from Dublin’s many professional theatres, music halls, pleasure gardens and amphitheatres over 75 seasons.

Dictionary of Early American Philosophers. Continuum. 2012. 2 volumes.

Includes more than 400 signed entries covering a wide range of scholars, artists, and activists who wrote on philosophy, taught philosophy, or applied philosophical ideas in their works. Provides a comprehensive overview of intellectuals writing in the United States and Canada between 1600 and 1860.

Spiritualism, Mesmerism and the Occult, 1800-1920. Shane McCorristine, editor. London, Pickering and Chatto, 2012. 5 volumes

 Brings together a wide range of print and manuscript source material which illustrates and provides insight into the Victorian quest to prove the existence of the supernatural through the application of scientific principles. Scholarly editorial facilitates a nuanced reading of the texts.

The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Sandra Donaldson, editor. London, Pickering and Chatto, 2009. 5 volumes.

 This is the first modern scholarly edition of the works of canonical Victorian writer and thinker Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Presents accurate and accessible texts of her published literary works as well as all known unpublished works drawn from private and public archives in the UK and the US.

German Folklore and Popular Culture: Das Koster, Scheible. Gale Cengage. ebook.

A fascinating collection of magical and occult texts, chapbooks, folklore, popular superstition and fairy tales of the German Renaissance compiled by Stuttgart antiquarian Johann Scheible between 1845 and 1849. This online collection is an accessible introduction to German folklore. It contains numerous examples of German folkways and presents a wide ranging selection of texts. It provides insight into the pervasive influence of German folklore on literature and popular culture. This collection supports research and classroom work in German and European studies, social and cultural history, Renaissance studies, and witchcraft and the Occult studies. ebook

Market Share Reporter: Trends Over Time. 1st ed. Gale Cengage, 2010. ebook.

Covers companies and products from 50 key industries throughout the world. Each entry includes an introductory overview of the industry; a timeline of events important to that industry over the last 30 to 50 years; and a selection of the most representative market shares. Useful for undergraduate and graduate students in marketing, brand research and entrepreneurship.

Hopper, Isaac Tatem to Isaac Post. July 31, 1841. Autographed letter signed. 2pp. Manuscript.

Isaac Hopper writes to fellow Quaker, Isaac Post of Rochester, New York and shares his anger over a statement purportedly written by Robert Hicks, which he asks Post to authenticate.  Hopper’s thoughts raise interesting questions about the intersections of abolitionism and Quakerism. This autographed and signed letter would be added to the Post Family Papers in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections and to the corresponding online transcription project.

Sedimentology, 1962-1996. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This is the official journal of the International Association of Sedimentologists. Papers deal with every aspect of sediments and sedimentary rocks. They are well-illustrated and of consistently high quality. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

Software: practice & experience, 1962-1996. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This journal is an internationally respected and rigorously refereed vehicle for the dissemination and discussion of practical experience with new and established software for both systems and applications. Contributions describe detailed accounts of completed software-system projects; they present short reports on programming techniques; document new techniques and tools, and explain methods/techniques that cope with the special demands of large scale software projects. Papers cover software design and implementation case studies describing the evolution of system and the thinking behind them and critical appraisals of software systems. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges. Gale Cengage. Database.

Borges, (1899-1986), was an Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator. This database originates from the Jorge Luis Borges Collection and Documentation Center of the Fundación San Telmo in Buenos Aires, which contains the world’s largest collection of materials related to Borges’ life and works. It includes manuscripts and letters, books, periodicals, photographs, audio and video recordings, newspaper and magazine clippings, and other objects and documents. The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges is based on this collection. Subjects cover a panorama of history, literature, philosophy, art, politics, linguistics and culture. Thus, The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges is not only an invaluable source for Latin American studies but also a beginning point for cultural studies.

FEMS microbiology letters, 1977-1996. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This journal publishes concise papers that are original, of general interest and that contribute to developments in microbiology. All aspects of microbiology, except virology are covered. MiniReviews cover all aspects of microbiology. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

Mathematische Nachrichten, 1948-1999. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This journal publishes original papers on new results and methods that hold prospect for substantial progress in mathematics and its applications. All branches of analysis, algebra, number theory, geometry and topology, flow mechanics and theoretical aspects of stochastics are given special emphasis. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

Burger’s Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery. 7th edition. Wiley, 2010. ebook.

An authoritative and comprehensive encyclopedia of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and development.  Students at all levels will use this as a starting point to gain background information on a topic and follow the references to gain further access to the literature.

Journal of chemical technology and biotechnology, 1882-1995. Wiley. Online Journal Archive.

This journal is an international, inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal concerned with the application of scientific discoveries and advancements in chemical and biological technology that aim towards economically and environmentally sustainable industrial processes. The online archive for this title has been identified as a priority for acquisition by Rochester faculty.

National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1884-1994. Gale Cengage. Online journal archive.

This complete online archive of the magazine includes every page and every photograph, all available for full text searching, reading, printing, and downloading. Search results may be filtered by subject, geographic area and image type.

Queen Victoria’s Journals. ProQuest. Database.

High-resolution, color images of every page of the surviving volumes of Queen Victoria's journals, from her first diary entry in 1832 to shortly before her death in 1901. Includes photographs of the many illustrations and inserts within the pages. 13 volumes in Victoria's own hand survive, with the majority of the remaining volumes transcribed after Queen Victoria's death by her youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice. In addition, this collection contains typewritten transcripts, prepared shortly after her death, of some of the journals' earlier years, along with rare draft volumes also in Victoria's hand.

Patai’s Chemistry of Functional Groups. 1964-1995. Wiley Online Library.
Comprehensive, in-depth reviews on functional group chemistry. This is an important reference tool for organic chemistry. It covers all aspects of the chemistry of functional groups, including physical organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and techniques, reaction mechanisms, chapters on synthetic pathways, reactions and strategies as well as applications in drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry and molecular biology. Its review style provides additional understanding beyond reactions and data. The breadth of coverage, specifically in the areas of physical organic chemistry and analytical techniques is important. The Chemistry of Functional Groups was founded by Saul Patai in 1964 and published in print in 83 volumes.The libraries currently hold many of the print volumes, however it would be much more convenient to access them online.
Caribbean Literature. Alexander Street Press. Database.

A fully searchable online collection of poetry and fiction produced in the Caribbean during the 19th and 20th centuries. Selected titles are presented in the original: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Creole languages. Provides immediate access to over 100,000 pages of classic, rare, and contemporary literature.

North American Women’s Letters and Diaries, 1750-1950. Alexander Street Press. Database.

The largest electronic collection of women’s diaries and correspondence  ever assembled.  A rich resource for multi-disciplinary inquiries into women’s daily lives, their education, medical conditions, religious life, domestic work, and  social and political involvements.  A fine expansion of existing strengths in Rush Rhees’ circulating and Rare Books/Special Collections.

Collections. Database.

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