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All printing locations are publicly accessible to the University community and feature 1 printer capable of black & white and color printing, except where noted.  Printers are located in the following areas:


Rush Rhees Library

  • Art & Music Library - Ground floor, Room G-134
  • College Writing Program lab - Third floor, Room 314
  • Gleason Library - First floor
  • IT Center -  Ground floor
    • This location features a color multi-function copier, printer, scanner
  • Rush Rhees Patron Services - First floor
  • Robbins Library - Fourth floor, Room 416
    • This location features 1 Black & White high speed laser printer. There is no color printing in this location.


Carlson Science and Engineering Library

  • Printers are located on all three floors of the Carlson Library


Bausch & Lomb Hall

  • Physics, Optics & Astronomy Library - Third floor, Room 374


Gavett Hall

  • Room 244
    • UR ID card required to enter room
  • Room 208
    • UR ID card required to enter room


Harkness Hall

  • Room 114
    • UR ID card required to enter room
  • Basement Grad Lab
    • This location is restricted to Economics Graduate students only


Hoyt Hall

  • Lower lobby


Hylan Building

  • Room 303
    • UR ID card required to enter room
  • Room 307
    • UR ID card required to enter room


Genesee Hall

  • Third floor lobby


Goergen Hall for Biomedical Engineering

  • Room 102
    • UR ID card required to enter room
  • Hopkins Center Lab, Room 431
    • This room is restricted to the Optics Department


Meliora Hall

  • Room 210
    • UR ID card required to enter room


Rettner Hall

  • Room 201


Wilson Commons

  • Starbucks lounge
  • Ruth Merrill Center


Borrowing laptops

You can borrow laptops from the IT Center:

Locations and Costs


Publicly accessible fax machines are available:

At the Post Office in Todd Union

  • $1 per page for Faxes sent within the United States and all received faxes.
  • $5 for first page and $1 for each additional page for International.

In the Student Activities Office in Wilson Commons

  • $1 per page, payable at the Common Market (1st Floor)


Software on the public computers

In general, the libraries have the following software:  




Some libraries have a few special applications as well:

Accessing library resources from off-campus

All electronic library resources, including e-journals, databases, and course reserves, are available to current students, faculty, and staff from off-campus using either your NetID or in certain circumstances, VPN access.

When you click on the link of a restricted library resource from the libraries' website, you will be prompted to login with your NetID and password.


Public computers are available throughout the River Campus Libraries.

  • Art & Music: 10 PCs & 4 Macs
  • Carlson: 43 PCs and 2 Macs
  • Gleason: 10 PCs
  • Physics, Optics & Astronomy: 8 PCs
  • Robbins: 3 PCs
  • Rush Rhees Lam Square: Coming soon.



Copiers are located in the following areas. All copiers are black & white only, except where noted.



AreaLocationColor Copier
Art & Music LibraryRush Rhees, Room G-134 
Business & Government Information LibraryRush Rhees, Room 208 
Carlson LibraryCarlson, 1st Floor 
IT CenterRush Rhees, Ground Floor 
Digital Humanities CenterRush Rhees, Room G122 
Physics, Optics & Astronomy LibraryBausch & Lomb, Room 374 Available
Rush Rhees Q&iRush Rhees, 1st Floor, near Q&i Available








  • Art/Music Library
    • 2 large, 12" x 17" flatbed book-edge scanners
    • Nikon Cool Scan V slide scanner


  • Business & Government Information Library - Slide and Flatbed


  • Carlson Library - two flatbed scanners, on first floor near entrance and copier, and on third floor attached to computer in group. One touch screen scanner on second floor near the clock.


  • Rush Rhees Reference  - Document feeder / flatbed combo. 



This is a free service. 

Choosing which printer to use


In all locations, the default printer is the black & white one that is closest to you. The public printers are called:

B&W Laser Printer- this printer goes to the Robbins Library and IT Center only

B&W Wax Printer- goes to all locations, except the Robbins Library

Color Wax Printer- goes to all locations, except the Robbins Library

After you choose your printer, go to any of the release stations listed above to release your print job.


Wired access

Wired connections for ResNet are located on the underside of the tables in the Messinger Periodical Reading Room on the 2nd floor of Rush Rhees Library, and at the IT Center on the ground floor of Rush Rhees Library. You will need to provide your own network cable. 

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Software for your personal computer
Need help with NetID?

To change your NetID password and find out more information about NetID, click here:


The hours for computing are the same as the Library Hours. 


Black & White Copies
$.10 simplex / $.18 Duplex

Color Copies
$.25 simplex / $.44 Duplex


Pay for copying with your Flex account, or by purchasing a visitor card at the Rush Rhees Q&i desk, Carlson 2nd floor, or the IT Center. Money can be added to both Flex accounts and visitor cards using  the Value Transfer Station in Rush Rhees.


A coin operated copier is located on the first floor of Rush Rhees near the Q&i desk. The copier accepts coins and bills. This individual machine does not accept payments with an ID or visitor card.


Need help with scanning?

See the attendant at the nearest library service desk. 



Black & White

The front side of the paper costs $.10

The back side of the paper costs $.08



The front side of the paper costs $.25

The back side of the paper costs $.23


Sales Tax:

The above pricing includes New York State sales tax, which is currently 8% for Monroe County.  Charges made to Department Copy Cards are tax exempt.


Pay for printing with your Flex account, or by purchasing a visitor card at the Rush Rhees Q&i desk or Carlson 2nd floor.  

For more information, please visit:


Wireless access

Wireless access is available throughout the libraries. To use the network, follow the instructions on the IT Wireless page. To ensure complete access to all library resources, current students, faculty and staff should use either the UR_Connected or UR_RC_InternalSecure wireless networks. Visitors may use the UR_RC_Guest wireless network.

Software for the blind or visually impaired

Services available upon request. See for more information.

Using VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking.  (VPN) is a client that establishes a connection so that you appear to be part of the University network.


Accessing restricted resources from off campus through the River Campus Libraries web site have been configured so that the user will be prompted authenticate themselves using their NetID username and password. This eliminates the burden of requiring users to install and configure the VPN software. However, some users may still wish to consider using VPN to simulate an on campus experience when accessing restricted library resources.


To learn more about VPN at the University,  please see the University's VPN web page



In general, the libraries have the following software:  




Some libraries have a few special applications as well:


Printing posters

The Xerox Print Center, located in Meliora Hall, Room 210 offers a variety of printing services inlcuding posters, laminating and binding.


Printing from a public computer

Detailed instructions on how to use the printing system from a public computer can be found here:

Electrical outlets

Electrical outlets for laptops are available in the following areas:

  • Rush Rhees Q&i Area - underneath tabletops at columns
  • Rush Rhees Patron Services Area - on the floor under tables
  • Rush Rhees levels A & B - near study carrels
  • Rush Rhees level 3 - underneath some tabletops
  • Rush Rhees Great Hall - underneath tabletops and in the floor
  • Gleason Library - on the floor and on some tables
  • Business & Government Information Library
  • Periodical Reading Room - underneath tabletops
  • Physics, Optics, and Astronomy Library
  • Carlson perimeter walls have outlets
  • Carlson columns on each floor often have outlets
  • Carlson 3rd floor in the floor near carrels
  • Carlson 2nd floor in the recessed seating area along the atrium wall


Software for music composition

Sibelius & Finale

Located in the Art Music Library

Need help accessing a library resource?
Need help with software on the public computers?

Ask at the nearest Q&i desk. You may be referred to a library expert or to the IT Center.  

Need help with copying?

Contact the Xerox Print Center at 585-275-3879.

Printing from your laptop

The University Community now has the ability to print to the River Campus Public Pay for Print system from their Windows or Macintosh personal computers. Software and directions can be found here:

Laptop locks

Never leave your laptop unattended and unsecured for even a minute. Laptop locks may be borrowed from Rush Rhees Q&i and Carlson Q&i desks. 

Multilingual software

Located in the Multimedia Center.

Saving work

The best place to store your work is either Google Docs or your thumb drive.  If necessary, you can temporarily save your work to the desktop or to the D Drive. The public computers are rebooted every night and any work saved to the computer will be lost. 

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Xerox Print Center web site:

Need help with printing?

Contact the IT Center at x5-2000, or fill out a service request form here:

Printing from your laptop

The University Community now has the ability to print to the River Campus Public Pay for Print system from their Windows or Macintosh personal computers. Software and directions can be found here:

Chemistry software including ChemDraw
Policies on public computer use

Here is the detailed University of Rochester Information Technology Policy.  Use of computers and selected electronic resources by guests is permitted, but only to conduct academic research. Use of the computers for word processing, multimedia development, web surfing and other personal computing tasks is limited to University of Rochester students, faculty, and staff. If you choose to use the computers, please respect our need to give University students, faculty, and staff the highest priority of access. 

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University IT's public printing information:

Software for managing your citations

The library has licenses for both RefWorks and EndNote. 

See for information on RefWorks. 

See  for information on Endnote.


Reporting problems

Report problems to the nearest Q&i desk.

Library widgets

There is a catalog search tool that you can add to your search tool bar. 


Other computing facilities on campus

University IT - additional public computing areas. 

River Campus Libraries on Facebook

You can find the Facebook page for Rush Rhees Library

Visitor Login

To access library resources only: Login with User Name: ur-public\public and Password: public. This access allows printing and saving with USB flash drives.

To access library resources and the rest of the Internet, including email and Facebook (adult content blocked): Apply for a Visitor ID at the Rush Rhees Q&i or Carlson Q&i desks. A photo ID is required. A Visitor ID is valid for 72 hours. After expiration, visitors may re-apply for an unlimited number of times. This access allows printing and saving with USB flash drives. 

Software training/tutorials

Contact your subject librarian about training on software. Often the software vendors provide software training and tutorials as well. 

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