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Copiers are located in the following areas. All copiers are black & white only, except where noted.



AreaLocationColor Copier
Art & Music LibraryRush Rhees, Room G-134 
Business & Government Information LibraryRush Rhees, Room 208 
Carlson LibraryCarlson, 1st Floor 
IT CenterRush Rhees, Ground Floor 
Digital Humanities CenterRush Rhees, Room G122 
Physics, Optics & Astronomy LibraryBausch & Lomb, Room 374 Available
Rush Rhees Q&iRush Rhees, 1st Floor, near Q&i Available







Black & White Copies
$.10 simplex / $.18 Duplex

Color Copies
$.25 simplex / $.44 Duplex


Pay for copying with your Flex account, or by purchasing a visitor card at the Rush Rhees Q&i desk, Carlson 2nd floor, or the IT Center. Money can be added to both Flex accounts and visitor cards using  the Value Transfer Station in Rush Rhees.


A coin operated copier is located on the first floor of Rush Rhees near the Q&i desk. The copier accepts coins and bills. This individual machine does not accept payments with an ID or visitor card.


Printing posters

The Xerox Print Center, located in Meliora Hall, Room 210 offers a variety of printing services inlcuding posters, laminating and binding.


Need help with copying?

Contact the Xerox Print Center at 585-275-3879.

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