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All printing locations are publicly accessible to the University community and feature 1 printer capable of black & white and color printing, except where noted.  Printers are located in the following areas:


Rush Rhees Library

  • Art & Music Library - Ground floor, Room G-134
  • College Writing Program lab - Third floor, Room 314
  • Gleason Library - First floor
  • IT Center -  Ground floor
    • This location features a color multi-function copier, printer, scanner
  • Rush Rhees Patron Services - First floor
  • Robbins Library - Fourth floor, Room 416
    • This location features 1 Black & White high speed laser printer. There is no color printing in this location.


Carlson Science and Engineering Library

  • Printers are located on all three floors of the Carlson Library


Bausch & Lomb Hall

  • Physics, Optics & Astronomy Library - Third floor, Room 374


Gavett Hall

  • Room 244
    • UR ID card required to enter room
  • Room 208
    • UR ID card required to enter room


Harkness Hall

  • Room 114
    • UR ID card required to enter room
  • Basement Grad Lab
    • This location is restricted to Economics Graduate students only


Hoyt Hall

  • Lower lobby


Hylan Building

  • Room 303
    • UR ID card required to enter room
  • Room 307
    • UR ID card required to enter room


Genesee Hall

  • Third floor lobby


Goergen Hall for Biomedical Engineering

  • Room 102
    • UR ID card required to enter room
  • Hopkins Center Lab, Room 431
    • This room is restricted to the Optics Department


Meliora Hall

  • Room 210
    • UR ID card required to enter room


Rettner Hall

  • Room 201


Wilson Commons

  • Starbucks lounge
  • Ruth Merrill Center


Choosing which printer to use


In all locations, the default printer is the black & white one that is closest to you. The public printers are called:

B&W Laser Printer- this printer goes to the Robbins Library and IT Center only

B&W Wax Printer- goes to all locations, except the Robbins Library

Color Wax Printer- goes to all locations, except the Robbins Library

After you choose your printer, go to any of the release stations listed above to release your print job.




Black & White

The front side of the paper costs $.10

The back side of the paper costs $.08



The front side of the paper costs $.25

The back side of the paper costs $.23


Sales Tax:

The above pricing includes New York State sales tax, which is currently 8% for Monroe County.  Charges made to Department Copy Cards are tax exempt.


Pay for printing with your Flex account, or by purchasing a visitor card at the Rush Rhees Q&i desk or Carlson 2nd floor.  

For more information, please visit:


Printing from a public computer

Detailed instructions on how to use the printing system from a public computer can be found here:

Printing from your laptop

The University Community now has the ability to print to the River Campus Public Pay for Print system from their Windows or Macintosh personal computers. Software and directions can be found here:

Need help with printing?

Contact the IT Center at x5-2000, or fill out a service request form here:

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