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Public computers are available throughout the River Campus Libraries.

  • Art & Music: 10 PCs & 4 Macs
  • Carlson: 43 PCs and 2 Macs
  • Gleason: 10 PCs
  • Physics, Optics & Astronomy: 8 PCs
  • Robbins: 3 PCs
  • Rush Rhees Lam Square: Coming soon.



The hours for computing are the same as the Library Hours. 


In general, the libraries have the following software:  




Some libraries have a few special applications as well:


Need help with software on the public computers?

Ask at the nearest Q&i desk. You may be referred to a library expert or to the IT Center.  

Saving work

The best place to store your work is either Google Docs or your thumb drive.  If necessary, you can temporarily save your work to the desktop or to the D Drive. The public computers are rebooted every night and any work saved to the computer will be lost. 

Policies on public computer use

Here is the detailed University of Rochester Information Technology Policy.  Use of computers and selected electronic resources by guests is permitted, but only to conduct academic research. Use of the computers for word processing, multimedia development, web surfing and other personal computing tasks is limited to University of Rochester students, faculty, and staff. If you choose to use the computers, please respect our need to give University students, faculty, and staff the highest priority of access. 

Reporting problems

Report problems to the nearest Q&i desk.

Other computing facilities on campus

University IT - additional public computing areas. 

Visitor Login

To access library resources only: Login with User Name: ur-public\public and Password: public. This access allows printing and saving with USB flash drives.

To access library resources and the rest of the Internet, including email and Facebook (adult content blocked): Apply for a Visitor ID at the Rush Rhees Q&i or Carlson Q&i desks. A photo ID is required. A Visitor ID is valid for 72 hours. After expiration, visitors may re-apply for an unlimited number of times. This access allows printing and saving with USB flash drives. 

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